пляж beach
Parts of speech


пляж gen. пляжу - beach

пляжик gen. пляжика - (little) beach (diminutive)


пляжний - relating to a/the beach






пляжитися - to spend time/relax on the beach


Useful compounds
and collocations

пляжний одяг - beachwear

пляжний волейбол - beach volleyball

пляжний футбол - beach football

Additional information

1. whilst пляж is an obvious loan from French, some etymologists consider that it originates from the Greek words πλάγος (side) and πέλάγος (sea, expanse of water) and may be related to the Ukrainian word поле (field).

Related words

пляжник - male beach-user

пляжниця - female beach-user

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