площа square, area
Parts of speech


площа gen. площі - square (in a town); area, space











Useful compounds
and collocations

житлова площа - floor area, floor space

Софійська площа - St. Sophia Square (in Kyiv)

Additional information

1. there are two words in Ukrainian for a town square: площа (as above) and майдан (a word related to Persian, Arabic and Hindi), which denotes an important public space, as in Майдан Незалежності (Independence Square in Kyiv)

2. in some varieties of Ukrainian площадка (considered to be a loan from Russian)is used for the literary майданчик, an area designated for a specific use e.g. sport,  children's playground, stair landing etc.

Related words

площина - plane, surface

плоский - flat

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