погода weather
Parts of speech


погода gen. погоди - weather; good weather

погодонька gen. погодоньки - weather (diminutive, poetic)



погідний - fine, fair, pleasant (day, evening etc.)

погожий - fine, fair, pleasant (day etc.)


погідно - (it's) fine (of weather)





Useful compounds
and collocations

добра погода - nice, good weather

погана погода - bad weather

прогноз погоди - weather forecast

Additional information

1. погода is derived from the Old Slavonic form 'годъ (гід)' - 'time, year, feastday, convenient time'; this word, although it itself no longer exists in modern Ukrainian, has given rise to approximately 100 derivatives; although some are no longer used today, many continue to be present in the language; some of the words in frequent use are listed below (with their modern meanings)

2. weather forecasters in Ukraine are usually called 'синоптики'; this is related to 'synopsis', as it denotes those who provide a summary of the various weather conditions over a region at a given time.

Related words

година - hour

годинник - clock, watch

вигода - convenience

вигідний - advantageous; convenient; comfortable

угода - agreement, contract

згода - consent, agreement

згоден (згодний, згідний) - (to be) in agreement; (I) agree

згодом - in time

(не)гідний - (un)worthy

погоджувати(ся) - to agree; conform to, be in keeping with

негода - bad weather

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