поле field
Parts of speech


поле gen. поля - field

полечко gen. полечка - field (diminutive)


польовий  - relating to a field/fields








Useful compounds
and collocations

поле зору - field of vision

мінне поле - minefield

поле бою - battlefield

польові роботи - work in the fields

польові дослідження - field studies, fieldwork

на відкритому полі - in the open country

польова миша - vole (field mouse)

Additional information

1. поле is etymologically linked with the Latin planus (level, level area), Swedish fala (a plain) and the German -falen, as in Westfalen (and, distantly, with feld)

2. поле also denotes 'field' in other contexts, for example, a blank in a form which needs to filled in

3. 'одного поля ягода' (a berry from the same field) is a saying denoting similarity of one person with another (roughly equivalent to 'like as two peas in a pod')

4. 'Польові дослідження з українського сексу' (Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex) is the title of the best-selling (and controversial) novel by the poet, novelist and essayist Oksana Zabuzhko.

Related words

полонина - a mountain pasture

поляна - a clearing, glade (also галявина)

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