поверх floor, storey
Parts of speech


поверх gen. поверху - storey, floor



поверховий - relating or pertaining to a storey or floor (usually in a compound word, see below)

поверховий - superficial, shallow








Useful compounds
and collocations

перший, другий поверх - ground, first floor (see below)

на першому, другому поверсі - on the ground, first floor

багатоповерховий будинок - multistorey building

технічний поверх - service floor (for appliances etc.)

Additional information

1. the system of counting floors in Ukraine is different to that in the UK: перший поверх - ground floor, другий поверх - first floor etc.

2. not to be confused with the adverb поверх (different stress) meaning over, above, on top

Related words

верх - top

поверхня - surface

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