прати to do the washing
Parts of speech


прання gen. прання - washing of clothes, laundering; laundry (clothes)



пральний - relating to the washing of clothes






прати, випрати - to do the washing or laundry, wash (clothes)


Useful compounds
and collocations

прати білизну - to wash clothes

пральна машина - washing machine

пральний порошок - washing powder, detergent

Additional information

1. traditionally, clothes would be washed by the water's edge; the place which was most suitable for this had a special name - прало or пратва

2. невипранець (the one with the unwashed clothes) denotes a grubby or unkempt person

3. перепиранка was the name for an old, threadbare shirt which was worn while the newer shirt was in the wash

3. прати is related to words for 'to beat' in various Slavonic languages - a reference to the old method of washing clothes by beating them with a праник (see below).

Related words

пральня - laundry

праля, прачка - laundress, washerwoman

праник - washing bat or spade (also known in English as a battledore) traditionally used for beating clothes during the washing process.

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