пити to drink
Parts of speech


напій -  drink, beverage

питво - drink, beverage

пиття - (action of) drinking

випивка - booze, drinking session, bout (colloquial)


питний - drinkable, potable






пити, випити - to drink (up)

напиватися, напитися - to quench one's thirst; to get drunk

питки, питоньки - diminutives  used when talking to children; indeclinable, infinitive only

випивати - (in imperfective only) to like a drink, be fond of the botttle

Useful compounds
and collocations

питна вода - drinking water

питний мед - mead

Additional information

1. 'пити чи не пити - все умреш!' - 'whether you drink or don't, you will die all the same!` (from a cossack drinking song)

2. 'Пийте, люди, горілочку, а ви, гуси, воду!' - 'You, people, drink vodka, and you, geeses, drink water!` (from a folk song)

Related words

п'яний - drunk, inebriated

п'яніти - to become drunk

п'яниця - drunkard

п'янкий -  heady, intoxicating

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