пиво beer
Parts of speech


пиво gen. пива - beer, ale

пивце gen. пивця - beer, diminutive



пивний - relating or pertaining to beer






пити - to drink (see entry)


Useful compounds
and collocations

темне, світле пиво - dark, pale beer

безалкогольне пиво - non-alcoholic beer

пивний бар - pub, bar

Additional information

1. although, today, пиво means beer, in times past it was a general word for drink, as its derivation from the verb пити suggests; it came to mean beer at around the 13th century

2. practically all Slavonic languages have a similar-sounding version of the word пиво

3. there are mnay folk saying about beer, including 'Чиє пиво п'єш, того й пісень співай' - an equivalent to 'He who pays the piper calls the tune' (literally, 'You have to sing the song of the person whose beer you drink')

3. Львівське пиво is the oldest beer produced commercially in Ukraine (since 1715) and it is still brewed according to the old traditional recipe.

Related words

пивниця - cellar, beer cellar, alehouse

пиварня, пивоварня - brewery

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