родина family (extended)
Parts of speech


родина, gen. родини - family, usually denoting extended family



родинний - relating to (one's) family




по-родинному - (something being done) as it would be in/by one's family




Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. родина is often used, colloquially, as a synonym for сім'я

2. not to be confused with батьківщина (motherland)

3. рідний брат/рідна сестра is sometimes used to distinguish a sibling from a cousin (двоюрідний брат/двоюрідна сестра - literally, 'brother/sister twice removed')

Related words

родич(ка) - relative, relation

рід - family, clan, tribe

рідний - own, denoting close relationship

родовід - genealogy, family treeрідний - (one's) own, native (country, town)

зроду - never (in one's life, literally, since birth)

(на)родити - give birth to, bear

(на)родити(ся) - be born

родовий - ancestral, patrimonial; genitive (case)

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