риба fish
Parts of speech


риба, gen. риби - a fish, fish (in general)

рибка, gen. рибки - a little fish (diminutive)


рибний - relating or pertaining to fish

риб'ячий - relating or pertaining to fish, made out of fish







Useful compounds
and collocations

золота рибка - goldfish

ловити рибу - to catch fish

рибний ринок - fish market

рибні консерви - tinned fish

Additional information

1. Риби is the Ukrainian word for Pisces (the sign of the zodiac and the constellation)

2. diminutives of риба  (рибка, рибонька, рибчина) are terms of endearment traditionally used to women or girls

3. there are many idioms and sayings with the word риба: велика риба - an important or influential person; ні риба, ні м'ясо - a person without a strong character; почувати себе, як риба у воді - to be in one's element (like a fish in water); потрібний, як рибі парасолька - (something or someone is) needed like a fish needs an umbrella; на безриб'ї і рак риба - literally, 'when there's a lack of fish then even a lobster is a fish' (the nearest equivalent in English is 'half a loaf is better than no bread).

Related words

рибалка, риболов - fisherman

рибальство, риболовство - fishing

рибалити - to fish

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