сад garden, orchard
Parts of speech


сад gen. саду - (ornamental) garden, orchard

садок gen. садка - garden, orchard (diminutive)

садочок gen. садочка - garden, orchard (diminutive)


садовий - relating to a garden or orchard, horticultural

садковий - relating to a garden or orchard





(по)садити - to plant (also to seat, place)


Useful compounds
and collocations

у саду - in the garden/orchard

ботанічний сад - botanical gardens

садово-городній центр - garden centre

дитячий садок - kindergarten, nursery

Additional information

1. сад refers to a place where flowers and fruit are grown, in contrast to город, a kitchen or vegetable garden

2. садити means both 'to plant' and 'to seat' and is etymologically linked to сидіти (to sit); both are derived from the Old Indic sādáyati

3. сад (orchard) was traditionally an important part of Ukrainian village (and, in some cases, urban) homes, where people would go to relax and socialise; it figures in many folk songs and sayings; in this comic song an elderly suitor is wooing a young girl, and trying to entice her, promising her 'і ставок, і млинок, і вишневий садок' (a lake, and a mill, and a cherry orchard) - she refuses him ...

Related words

садівник - gardener, horticulturalist

садівництво - horticulture, fruit production

саджанець - seedling, sapling

садовина - fruit produce

садиба - farmstead, landed estate

осад - sediment, dregs, grounds

посадка - boarding, embarkation; landing (of aircraft)

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