самогон moonshine
Parts of speech


самогон gen. самогону - home-distilled spirits; moonshine

самогонка gen. самогонки - home-distilled spirits, moonshine



самогонний - relating or pertaining to home-distilled spirits








Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. the word самогон is derived from сам (on one's own) and гонити (гнати), to distil (also to drive, chase, pursue); the old traditional name сивуха (a raw brandy often made from bread) is often mentioned in songs and literature

2. самогон usually refers to home-distilled vodka, although it can apply to other types of strong spirit, e.g. brandy; it is usually made from rye, beet, potato or sugar, or anything suitable which is available.

3. самогон (under any name) usually has a high alcohol content and a very strong kick - caution should be exercised when invited to partake!

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