село village, countryside
Parts of speech


село gen. села - village, countryside, rural context

селище gen. селища - settlement


сільський - relating to a/the village or countryside, rural








Useful compounds
and collocations

сільське господарство -  agriculture

сільськогосподарський - agricultural

сільська рада (сільрада) - village council

Additional information

1. село is often used to denote the rural environment (way of life, culture etc.) in contrast to місто (the urban context)

2. the 'е' in село alternates with `і', as in сіл (genitive plural) and сільський (see above)

3. when it is part of an address село is usually abbreviated to 'с.'

4. селище - settlement, remains of ancient settlement; селище міського типу (literally 'urban-type settlement', abbreviated смт) - usually a de facto town which has arisen around a factory, railway station or other industrial establishment which needed housing for its workers; олімпійське селище - Olympic village

5. whereas the word 'peasant' can have negative connotations in English, this is not the case with regard to селяни, селянство etc., given the considerable importance of the peasantry for the Ukrainian context

6. the word село is related, through Proto-Slavic, to сидіти (to sit).

Related words

селянин -  male peasant

селянка - female peasant

селянство -  the peasantry, peasant class

селянський - relating to peasants

оселятися, оселитися - to settle, take up residence

населення - population

преселенець - migrant, settler

новосілля - taking up residence in a new home; housewarming

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