сіль salt
Parts of speech


сіль, gen. солі - salt



соляний - pertaining to, or containing, salt

солоний - salty, containing salt

(по)солений - salted (participle)





(по)солити - to salt


Useful compounds
and collocations

сіль землі - salt of the earth

соляні печери - salt caves

Additional information

1. сіль is a non-first declension feminine noun (principal cases: сіль солі сіллю солі солей)

2. хліб-сіль (bread and salt) is a symbol of hospitality (as in the phrase 'дякую за хліб-сіль' - 'thank you for your hospitality'); bread and salt are traditionally used to greet important guests on arrival

3. in a metaphorical sense, солити can mean 'to put something aside for a rainy day' and, also, 'to cause someone annoyance or pain'; солоне життя -  a hard, arduous life.

Related words

сільниця - salt cellar (not to be confused with other words begining with сіль-, derived from село - village, countryside or rural context)

солонина - salted beef, also salted pork fat (dialectal)

солянка - a meat or fish stew or thick soup

розсіл (росіл) - beef or chicken broth, also brine

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