сніданок breakfast
Parts of speech


сніданок, gen. сніданку - breakfast

снідання, gen. снідання - action of taking breakfast, breakfasting, breakfast

сніданочок, gen. сніданочка - nice little breakfast (diminutive)


сніданковий - relating or pertaining to breakfast






снідати - to (have) breakfast


Useful compounds
and collocations

другий сніданок - 'elevenses' (literally, second breakfast)

Additional information

1. in Ukrainian, mealtimes are often used to designate a period during the day, for example: до снідання - early in the morning (literally, before having breakfast), від снідання - in the course of the morning (after having breakfast); this would have been a practical way of telling the time when people didn't, on the whole, have clocks or watches.

2. сніданок originates from the Old Slavonic сънҍдь (снід - food) and the modern снідати derives from the old сънҍдɑти (снідати, imperfective, to eat, be in the process of eating). The perfective form сънҍсти (сністи) gives rise to the modern word їсти - to eat.

3. the phrase мов би й не снідав ('it's as if he hasn't had his breakfast') is sometimes used to describe someone who is sad or lacking energy

Related words

їсти - to eat (see entry)

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