стелити to lay, spread, cover  
Parts of speech



стеління - (the action of) laying or spreading








(по)стелити - to lay, spread, strew; make up a bed

(по)стелитися - to spread, trail, drift (of smoke, fog etc.)

застеляти (застилати), застелити- to cover

Useful compounds
and collocations

застеляти килимом - to (lay a) carpet

постелити постіль - to make up a/the bed

Additional information

1. the verb стелити and its variant слати (from the Old Slavonic постьлɑти) have given rise to a number of everyday derivatives; many relate to the minutiae of agriculture, but several (below) are in use today

2 from a traditional Christmas carol: 'Застеляйте столи та ще й килимами, радуйся! ой радуйся, Земле, Син Божий народився' - 'Lay the tables with fine cloth, o rejoice! rejoice, o Earth, the Son of God is born'; currently the phrase 'накрити (на) стіл' is used for 'to lay the table'.

Related words

стеля - ceiling

постіль, постеля - bedding, also bed

устілка - insole (of shoe)

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