сир cheese
Parts of speech


сир, gen. сиру - cheese

сирок, gen. сирку or сирка - small individual cheese


сирний - relating or pertaining to cheese








Useful compounds
and collocations

вершковий сир - cream cheese

м'який, твердий сир - soft, hard cheese

сирний пиріг - cheese tart

сирник - cheesecake

Additional information

1. there are a number of traditional Ukrainian words for types of cheese, including бринза or бриндзя (sheep's cheese traditionally made in the Carpathian mountains) and сир домашній, also known colloquially as тваріг (a white cow's cheese, often home-made, used for cooking, and similar to curd cheese)
2. there is a folk saying: жити, як сир у маслі - to live a prosperous life (literally, like cheese in butter).

Related words

сироварня - cheese dairy

сирий - raw, uncooked

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