туман fog
Parts of speech


туман gen. туману - fog, mist

туманність gen. туманності - fogginess, mistiness; also vagueness, lack of clarity


туманний - foggy, misty



туманно - (it's) foggy; also vaguely




туманитися, туманіти - to become foggy, misty

Useful compounds
and collocations

густий туман -  dense fog

туманний Альбіон - misty Albion (a euphemism for Great Britain which Ukrainian has borrowed from ancient classical writers)

Additional information

1. 'бачити, як у тумані' - 'to see as if through a mist'

2. in Western Ukrainian dialects 'туман' is also used to denote a fool; one can also sometimes hear the phrase 'туман вісімнадцятий'!; 'тумануватий' is used, colloquially, to denote a stupid or foolish person.

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