хліб bread
Parts of speech


хліб, gen. хліба - bread

хлібець, хлібина - loaf of bread



хлібний - relating or pertaining to bread or grain







Useful compounds
and collocations

хліб з маслом - bread and butter

Additional information

1. хліб has a number of additional meanings, including grain, crop and means of subsistence (as in заробляти на хліб - to make, earn a living)

2. колобок is also used, to denote a small round loaf of bread

3. хліб-сіль (bread and salt) is a symbol of hospitality (as in the phrase 'дякую за хліб-сіль' - 'thank you for your hospitality'); bread and salt are traditionally used to greet important guests on arrival

4. a word related to хліб exists in most Slavonic languages; some linguists assume that this is an early Slavonic loan from the Germanic *hlaiba- (loaf, bread)

Related words

хлібозаготівля - grain requisition (a phrase made notorious when grain was forcibly requisitioned from the peasants in Ukraine in the lead-up to the 1932-33 Holodomor or artificial famine)

хлібороб - person producing grain, farmer (and, by extension, peasant)

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