холод the cold
Parts of speech


холод gen. холоду - the cold

холодок gen. холодку - the cool, a cool (shady) place

(по)холодіння gen. (по)холодіння - fall in temperature

(по)холодання gen. (по)холодання - fall in temperature


холодний - cold

прохолодний - cool, fresh (temperature)

холодненький - cold (diminutive)

холоднючий - (bitterly) cold (augmentative)

холоднуватий - fairly cold, coldish


холодно - coldly; (it's) cold

прохолодно - (it's) cool



(по)холодати - to grow colder (of weather)

(по)холодніти - to grow colder

(по)холоднішати - to grow colder

(по)холодити - to cool, refrigerate

(по)холонути - to (become) cool

Useful compounds
and collocations

холодна погода - cold weather

холодні страви - cold dishes

холодні закуски - cold starters

холодна війна - the Cold War

Additional information

1. most Slavonic languages have a related word, originating from the Old Slavonic 'хлɑдъ'; etymologists also assume that the word is related to the Germanic 'kald'

2. 'холодні руки, тепле серце' - 'cold hands, warm heart'

3. Холодний Яр (Cold Ravine) is a large forested area in the Cherkasy Region, containing many archaeological remains dating as far back as 5,000 B.C; the area was one of the centres of the World War One liberation struggle, documented in the eponymous novel by Yurii Horlis-Horsky.

Related words

холодильник - refrigerator, fridge

холодець - meat or fish in savoury jelly

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