чоловік husband, man
Parts of speech


чоловік, gen. чоловіка - husband also man

чоловічок - little man, diminutive used affectionately, patronisingly or sarcastically (see below)


чоловічий, чоловіча, чоловіче - pertaining or relating to a husband; also man's, men's, masculine (grammatical gender), relating or pertaining to a man or men

чоловіків, чоловікова, чоловікове - belonging or pertaining to a husband (man)








Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. the use of чоловік for person is archaic; it can still be used, however, when specifying a number of people e.g. двадцять чоловік

2. a synonym for чоловік is муж (arch) and compounds

3. чоловічок is often used to denote an alien being, e.g. зелений чоловічок - little green man

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