8.5 Reference

This section contains the language you will need to understand and produce spoken and written Ukrainian when negotiating various relevant situations. Although you may not need to have an active knowledge of all the language given below, it is always useful to learn the basic vocabulary and phrases, as you will not always have access to a dictionary.

Basic vocabulary

база даних database

бібліотека library

бібліотечні ресурси library resources

захист (дисертації) defence (of dissertation)

галузь sphere

години роботи opening hours

графік schedule

джерело source

дисертація dissertation

дослідницька бібліотека research library

запис до бібліотеки registration for library membership

каталог catalogue

керівник дисертації dissertation supervisor

корпус corpus, building

наука academic work, scholarship, learning

науковий архів academic archive

обробка processing

перерва break

пошук search

правила користування user regulations

робота work, dissertation, essay

спеціальність specialised subject/sphere

стипендія grant

читальна зала reading room

читацький квиток reader’s ticket

Once you have learned the above, test yourself by doing Exercise 8.5A.

There is a section on useful vocabulary for archival research in Ukraine in Using Archives and Libraries in the Former Soviet Union, a guide edited by Samantha Sherry, Jonathan Waterlow and Andy Willimot and produced as an outcome of a research project funded by the Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies (CEELBAS). Further advice on using archives in Ukraine is available here.

The author of Communicative Ukrainian is grateful to the editors and compilers of Using Archives and Libraries in the Former Soviet Union for permission to reproduce the Ukrainian vocabulary section of the guide.

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