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Some of the pages in Units 1 to 3 incorporate buttons for playing sounds. If you don't hear a sound when you click or tap on one of these buttons, it could be because you are using an old version of your browser. Do, however, check that your computer has a loudspeaker built in or connected, and that the volume is set appropriately!

Please note: The pages which contain sounds will take longer to load in your browser than other pages. This is because all the sound files relating to a given page are embedded in it when it loads, so they are ready to be played when you click or tap on the buttons. You may need to wait until the page is fully loaded before the first sound can be played. The load time will depend on the number of sounds on the page and the speed of your computer. It some cases it will not be noticeable.

Ukrainian characters

To ensure the Ukrainian characters included in most of the pages on this site are shown correctly, the pages should be displayed using the "Unicode (UTF-8)" character encoding. The pages contain the required information for your browser to automatically determine this encoding. If, for some reason, the pages are not displayed correctly, check that your browser's encoding "auto-select" or "auto-detect" feature is turned on. (Depending on your browser, the character encoding may also be called language encoding, text encoding or just encoding.)

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