11.5 - And the rest ...

We do not aim, in these materials, to be exhaustive in covering all the imperfective and perfective forms. Most types have been covered in the preceding pages. The most important of the rest are covered here.

For many verbs whose stem ends in a labial consonant (б, в, м, п and ф), the consonant л is present in the imperfective but is dropped in the perfective:

  imperfective perfective
earn заробляти заробити
inform повідомляти повідомити
hang, suspend чіпляти чіпити
pronounce вимовляти вимовити

There is a significant number of verbs where the vowel of the stem ending changes to ну in the perfective infinitive:

  imperfective perfective
touch торкати торкнути
whistle свистіти свиснути
throw кидати кинути
vanish щезати щезнути

For some verbs, the only marker of aspect in the infinitive is the change of stress.

  imperfective perfective
sprinkle, pour посипа́ти поси́пати
convene склика́ти скли́кати
evoke, provoke виклика́ти ви́кликати
cut open розріза́ти розрі́зати

For a small number of verbs, the imperfective and perfective infinitives appear completely different, probably owing to the way they developed in the past:

  imperfective perfective
take брати узяти/взяти
receive приймати * прийняти
find знаходити ** знайти

* applies also to compounds of -ймати e.g. займатизайняти (occupy, take over), найматинайняти (hire)

** applies also to compounds of -ходити e.g. переходитиперейти (cross, go over).

To practise the above go to Exercise 11.5A and Exercise 11.5B.

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