1.6 - The hard vowels

The hard (normal) vowels all sound roughly like English vowels. Click on a letter to hear how it sounds.


Doubly useful vowels!

Most of the above vowels also function as words in their own right (these are very useful and easy to learn):

І means and
У is one of the words for in
А is a contrastive and/but
О is used (when telling the time) for at

In spoken Ukrainian, as in many other languages, the vowel sounds play an important part in expressing emotion:

А-а-а... astonishment, annoyance, disappointment
Е-е-е... confusion, suspicion, doubt, indignation, disagreement, regret, reproach
І-і-і... surprise, disappointment, doubt, reluctance
О-о-о... despair, enthusiasm, surprise, incredulity
У-у-у... annoyance, reproach, threat (as well as surprise, delight);
also used for booing, howling and wailing!!
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