8.3 - Past imperfective continued

Points to note

1. There are several exceptions to the rule on formation of the past imperfective. Two of the most frequently used verbs are їсти (to eat) and іти (to go on foot). They have irregular stems to which the normal endings are added:

їсти: їв, їла, їло, їли
іти: ішов, ішла, ішло, ішли

Other exceptions will not be covered at present

2. The verb "to be" follows the rule in the past tense:

бути: був, була, було, були

3. In reflexive verbs the -ся/сь particle always stays at the end, so the past endings need to be inserted before this, as in дивитися  (to look, watch):

диви-ти-ся: диви-в-ся

To practise the past imperfective go to Exercise 8.3A and Exercise 8.3B.

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