13.1 - Perfective future (1)

In previous units, most verb tenses and aspects have been covered in detail, enabling you to understand ever more complex Ukrainian texts. Now that you can recognise the present, the time has come to cover the future perfective, whose forms are based closely on the present.

To revise the aspects and how they are used, go to pages 11.1 and 11.2. You can see from the chart on page 11.2 that the future perfective is formed from the perfective infinitive. Given below are some examples of verbs in the perfective future:

perfective formed by adding a prefix

perfective infinitive perfective future
зробити зроблю – I will do
побачити побачу – I will see
відлетіти відлечу – I will fly (away)
написати напишу – I will write
прочитати прочитаю – I will read

perfective formed through internal change

perfective infinitive perfective future
позичити позичу – I will lend/borrow
повторити повторю – I will repeat
рішити рішу – I will decide
зупинити зупиню – I will stop
дозволити дозволю – I will allow

From the above examples you can see in detail how the perfective future is formed from the perfective infinitive. The verb is then conjugated with the normal present tense endings:

я напиш - у
ти напиш - еш
він напиш - е
ми напиш - емо
ви напиш - ете
вони напиш - уть 
я повтор - ю
ти повтор - иш
він повтор - ить
ми повтор - имо
ви повтор - ите
вони повтор - ять

N.B. Some infinitives are not obviously perfective, if you look at their form, but describe single completed actions. The above rules still apply and the future perfective is formed in the usual way, as in, for example:

perfective infinitive perfective future
лягти ляжу – I will lie down
відповісти відповім * – I will reply
одягти одягну – I will put on (clothing)
стати стану – I will become
взяти візьму – I will take

* Conjugated like їсти (see page 10.4)

Practise forming the future perfective by doing Exercise 13.1A.

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