18.1 - Revising pronouns

As there is a finite number of pronouns, it is fairly easy to learn to recognise them all, even in all their forms and declensions. It is worth investing the time to learn them, as it is essential to understand them without using a dictionary when you are reading. You have already met quite a few pronouns in previous units of these materials; the rest will be covered in this unit.

In some respects, pronouns may not be the most exciting of words, as their function is a practical one. With a little effort, though, they can be put to literary use, as shown by this "short story", found on the wall of a church in Ivano-Frankivsk:

A short story

To see if you have understood the text click here for a translation.

Do Exercise 18.1A to see if you recognise the forms, and remember the meanings, of the pronouns which occur most frequently in printed texts.

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