9.6 - Adjectives used as pronouns

In this unit so far, we have discussed adjectives only as words which describe a noun.

They can also, however, stand in place of a noun (i.e. act as pronouns). In the examples below, the answer can be limited to just an adjective, providing it is clear what is being referred to. The adjective, however, must be in the appropriate case (i.e. agreeing with the noun).

Яку куртку будеш купувати?
Which jacket are you going to buy?
The brown (one).
Котра година?
What is the time?
Literally: Which hour?
Ten o'clock.
Literally: The tenth (one).
Які студенти найкращі?
Which students are the best?
The most hard-working (ones).
Чиєю машиною ви приїхали?
Whose car (literally: by means of whose car) did you come in?
Oksana's (car).
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