4.5 - Verbs

You've already met a number of verbs, in previous units, but they've not yet been presented systematically.

The form you normally find in a dictionary is known as the infinitive. In English this often has "to" before the actual verb. In Ukrainian it ends in -ти, for example:

бачити to see
працювати to work 
читати to read

Some verbs (and therefore their infinitives) have the letters -ся after the -ти ending. This is the mark of a reflexive verb (where the action is done to oneself, on one's own, or mutually by people to each other), for example:

народитися to be born
боятися to be afraid
відкриватися to open (as in "the door opened")

Using the dictionary, find the meanings of (and then memorise!) the following verbs:

міняти вчитися
обирати вважати
керувати привітати
створити будувати
вирішувати думати
дозволяти починати


To practise verbs in the infinitive go to Exercise 4.5A and Exercise 4.5B.

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