17.4 - Adjectives and pronouns

A pronoun can be defined as "a word which replaces a noun or noun phrase which has already been or is about to be mentioned". The Ukrainian term займенник (за+іменник) reflects this. In addition, many Ukrainian pronouns resemble and refer to adjectives, so it is logical to present them in this unit (other pronouns are presented in detail in Unit 18).

Listed below are the "adjectival" pronouns. As indicated, the declensions of some of them are the same as for adjectives. In other cases there are links to separate pages which give the full declensions (note that for most pronouns the vocative is not used, as one cannot address a pronoun!). Compounds, for example якийсь, деякий etc., will be covered in Unit 18.

Pronoun Meaning Declension
який, яка, яке, які
(+ compounds)
which as for hard adjectives
такий, така, таке, такі such as for hard adjectives
котрий, котра, котре, котрі
(+ compounds)
which, which one, which
(of a set)
as for hard adjectives
чий, чия, чиє, чиї
(+ compounds)
whose, of which, of whom click here


my, mine

your, yours (sing./familiar)

one's own (reflexive)
click here


your(s) (pl./formal)
click here
їхній their(s) as for soft adjectives
цей this click here
той that click here
кожний (кожен)

жодний (жоден)
each, every

no, not a (single), none
as for hard adjectives
(except for short form
in masculine singular)
сам (ий) when used with той:
same, very (as in "the very one")

when used with такий:
same as,similar to
click here
інший other, another as for hard adjectives
весь (увесь, ввесь) all, whole click here
всякий (усякий)
всілякий (усілякий)
all kinds (of) as for hard adjectives

To practise the above go to Exercise 17.4A

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