11.4 - Internal change (2)

On this page you will learn about the second group of verbs, where one can distinguish between the perfective and imperfective aspect by the form of the stem.

In the perfective infinitive these verbs end in -ити or -ати, which changes to -авати, -увати, -ювати or -ивати in the imperfective. Verbs of this type include:

  perfective imperfective
perform, carry out виконати  виконувати *
explain пояснити пояснювати *
open, discover відкрити відкривати
fetch, get дістати діставати *

* these verbs drop «ва» in the present tense (to revise see page 10.3, verb type 2).

As in the types of verb mentioned in previous pages of this unit, tenses of these verbs are formed from the imperfective and perfective infinitives in the usual way, for example:


To practise recognising the tense and aspect of this type of verb go to Exercise 11.4A.

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