16.4 - Cases with prepositions (1)

Prepositions are very useful, generally small, words, which extend the range of meaning which nouns in a sentence convey. Ukrainian has an extensive (almost 100) and fairly complex system of prepositions. In order to read more complex texts, you need to be familiar with the more common prepositions and, importantly, which cases they take. These were briefly discussed in Unit 7. To help you revise the cases, this information is summarised in the chart below. The most common meanings are given in brackets.

genitive без (without), біля (near to, by), близько (near to), від (from), впродовж (along, in the course of, during), в/у (among, belonging to), для (for), до (to, until), за (in the time of), з/зі/із (from, of), замість (instead of), коло (near to), крім/окрім (except for), навколо (around), після (after), поблизу (near, close to), посеред (among), проти (against), протягом (during, in the course of), серед (among), щодо (as to, concerning)
dative завдяки (thanks to), всупереч (contrary to), наперекір (in spite of, in defiance of)
accusative в/у (in, into), за (in the course of, for, in exchange for), крізь (through), між (among), на (on, onto, for), над (above, over), перед (before, in front of), під (under, below, near), по (up to, as far as), поза (beyond), поміж (among), понад (above, over), попід (under), попри (in spite of), про (about), через (across, through, because of)
instrumental з/зі/із (with), за (after, at, beyond, according to), між (between, among), над (above), перед (before, in front of), під (under, поза, поміж (among), понад (above, over), попід (under)
locative в/у (in), о/об (at + time by the clock), на (on), по (along, after, about), при (by, attached to, in the presence of)

As you can see from the chart, some prepositions can be used with more than one case. This is discussed in greater detail on page 16.5.

To practise cases with prepositions go to Exercise 16.4A.

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