14.6 - «Бути» and «бувати»

Throughout these materials the verb бути (to be) has occurred many times.

This also exists in another form, бувати, denoting repeated or occasional action, particularly to frequent (a place), to occur, happen or take place, for example:

Ви часто тут буваєте? Do you come here often?
Бувають ситуації, які не можна пояснити. There are some situations you just cannot explain.
Тещі бувають різними. There are all kinds of mothers-in-law.
Такого зі мною ще ніколи не бувало. This has never happened to me before.

The verb is also used in salutations: Бувай(те) здоров(і) – All the best (compare with the outdated "fare you well", or "farewell").

Бувати has a number of compounds, including:

забувати forget
збувати dispose of
збуватися to come true (e.g. of a prophecy or dream)
відбувати undergo, serve (a term, as in the army, prison, etc
відбуватися take place, happen
перебувати be, stay, remain, reside
позбуватися get rid of
прибувати arrive; increase, get bigger
здобувати gain, acquire, obtain
побувати be, stay for a period

These verbs do not drop the -ва- when conjugated in the present, e.g. забуваю, прибуваємо, etc.

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