Exercise 10.6A

Translate each sentence given below into English, writing your answers in the text boxes. Click on a sentence to display a suggested translation and compare the accuracy of your answer with this.

Every day I wake up at precisely 4.45. For a few seconds I just look/stare at the ceiling and remember who and where I am.
My name is Oksana. Just Oksana.
I'm lying on five chairs, which are standing against the wall.
It's a bit hard (to sleep on), but if it weren't for the blanket underneath and the old jumper under my head things would be even worse. As it is, it's OK.
I can see very little (almost nothing is visible), as the light which shines through the crack in the door illuminates only a narrow area of the wall.
On the wall there is a nail. On the nail hang my clothes.
That's it, time to get up. One – throw off the blanket, two – sit on the chair, three – stand up.
There's half a basin/bowl of water, it's gone cold in the course of the night, but that's probably just as well/better.
I wash with one hand and do/comb/brush my hair with the other. My hair goes in a plait.
Every day, precisely at 5.15 I leave home/the house and start work. I carry/In my hands there is a notebook and pencil. On my head I have a lamp, like a miner's.
I am a road markings inspector. In the course of 1 hour and 45 minutes I have to check that overnight nothing has happened to the signs, markings and traffic lights on my patch.
There's not much time and a lot to do. You have to be very attentive/careful.
Right. 5.3 "Roadway for motor vehicles" – OK. 5.4 "End of roadway for motor vehicles" – all correct.
I put a tick in my notebook. Then off to the next one.
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